Artisan Skin Therapy Ranges

Artisan Face


Artisan Face products focus on cleansing the skin naturally, unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells. Our Hydration products nourish the skin and deal with fine lines to promote a more youthful appearance. 

Artisan Body


Our Body Hydration products are formulated using essential oils and lotions to optimise absorption into your skin, removing dead skin cells and leaving it nourished and glowing.

Artisan Hands & Feet


Artisan Hand products are based on a family recipe dating back three generations. Silky nourished younger looking hands, without a greasy residue. 

Artisan Feet products are designed to fight bacteria and remove dead skins cells, leaving your feet fresh, clean and sandal ready.

Artisan Bathroom Treatments


We’ve create a luxurious collection of nourishing bathroom products. Hand, Shower and Bath washes, Hair Cleansers  and Hair Hydration.  So many wonderful active ingredients in the range; Lemon, Pink Grapefruit, Black Pepper, Apricot Kernal, Spearmint and Lime are just a few of the  essential oils we have used to create these stylish bathroom and powder room products.

Artisan Skin Therapy Fragrance


   Our fragrances are Hand-made, with a Roll on delivery system using Essential Oils with a Jojoba base.  Derived from plants and herbs such as Verbena, Neroli, Violet, Black Pepper and Lime, our subtle fragrances are delightful and unique.

Boxed in our signature colour, they are ideal for gift giving.

Gift Packs


As a reward for your thoughtful gift giving, your purchase will be gift wrapped, and you’ll receive 20% off the normal retail price.

Shop the gift giving category to see the selection of luxurious gifts. 


Artisan Skin Therapy Values

Our commitment to quality


Our cremes and oils are blended using the finest natural ingredients, without preservatives. Our focus is to nourish skin, so we use oils which have a smaller molecule for deeper penetration of the dermis. Our cremes are free of parabens. All Artisan Skin Therapy oils are free of parabens and sulfates.

Hand-made value


At Artisan Skin Therapy, we design, formulate and produce every product on site. Our bottle and jar sizes have been designed to ensure that with regular use, your product will be fresh to the last drop. Where possible we use organic ingredients and continually look for new organic sources. 

Environmental footprint


One of our key company values is respect for wildlife; through using oils derived from plants and herbs we manage our environmental impacts.

We refuse to use products that have been tested on animals or are harmful to their environment.



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Returns policy


Our quality control process is of the highest standard. Should you experience any issues please email us with the details. Refunds for any faulty product will be provided on return of the product in question.


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