A Luxury and Cruelty Free Natural Skin Care Range

Artisan Skin Therapy was founded by Melbourn-ite Clare Carpenter.  Her 30 year love affair with skin care was  never quite satisfied.  She set about resolving that and finally Artisan Skin Therapy was born. Her aim  was  to create a range of affordable natural products for herself and others. The best skin care,   Hand-made products that are effective, lovely to use and care for the skin as it ages.

Clare took the opportunity of having her own business, to ensure that all activities at Artisan Skin Therapy are in line with her personal values;

Respect for Wildlife:

The company will not use any ingredients that have been tested on animals. Nor will it use any ingredients that harm the environs of wildlife. As a professional Merchandise Buyer and Product Developer, whenever developing ranges on behalf of other businesses, she encouraged those companies to have the same considerations for wildlife. Clare is also a long time financial contributor to the Lost dogs Home. So its cruelty free skin care all the wayπŸ–€


Whenever possible, Clare chooses to use organic ingredients. Every product in every batch made has been double checked against the recipe and tested against her core standards for absorption, weight and activity. This ensures each batch of product performs to the highest standard. In fact, if you give us the batch number on your  product, we can confirm the exact day it was made, and by whom it was made.


Aging skin needs a bit more help with more sophisticated formulas that penetrate deeper into the layers of skin. Artisan Skin Therapy products do just that and at an affordable price. In addition to our value for money products, each of our products is available in a size, that when used regularly, will be fresh to the last drop. You wont be paying for something you won’t be able to use.